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Artificial Intelligence Assignment Help: Turing Test

AI is taunted to exceed human performance on several fronts. However, it is way below the performance of the human brain. In fact, the argument has always been, could a machine think?

The AI Turing Test is used to provide an answer. The test helps developers and automation experts to determine the level of intelligence they have achieved. Interestingly, the pass mark is just 50% on very limited questions.

Turing Test in AI is named after the developer of the idea. Alan Turing helped computer engineers to develop a test that would help them rate an equipment or automation process to determine its level of ‘intelligence.’ He was an English computer scientist, mathematician, cryptanalyst, and biologist. The combination explains why he was fascinated by the fusion of computers with the human brain.

Developing the Turing Test

Just like humans, a computer cannot behave exactly like a human being. However, it can mimic set functions up to a particular degree. The AI assignment requires a pass rate of 50%. The conditions for response or test must be set. They should be as similar and reasonable as possible. The conditions are also extremely basic because the computer is only supposed to handle minimal reasoning.

Turing Test quiz requires three terminals. The computer or computerized gadget will be handling one of the terminals. Two people are then supposed to handle the other two terminals. By comparing the results, it will be easier and more possible to determine the computer passed the test.

The first human is set as a questioner. The other person will be acting as the respondent. The computer is expected to answer the Turing Test question as closely as possible to the human being.

The test comes in a specific format. The subject is narrowed down to avoid subjecting the computer to advanced intelligence requirements. The AI assignment solution is supposed to help developers to produce a gadget for a specific function as opposed to one that can handle multiple quizzes.

AI Test Results

The results are tabulated and presented to the questioner. However, he does not know which of the answer sheets came from the computer and the answers provided by a person. Based on logic, he can choose the most appropriate answers.

The AI test is not meant to demonstrate that humans can do better. It raises the confidence of developers that their systems or gadgets can almost match the performance of a human being. It will also provide data on the areas that require improvement if the AI gadget is to replace human beings.

AI in Homework

The AI Turing test helps developers to assess the suitability of apps and online platforms to perform human functions. One of the functions is helping students with homework. Developers of artificial intelligence assignment help apps are still testing such platforms. Through the Turing Test, they want to determine the extent to which these platforms can be effective. It will change how students get help with homework.

The limited areas of assessment during Turing Tests also limit the application of AI. The technology requires intensive testing to cover as much ground as possible. It is for this reason that the use of AI gadgets cannot be transferred. The tests are helping to advance the course of AI applications.

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